I use
—  free cmsimple  — cmsimple real blog
with our templates
& I plan to buy license.
haw much hould I pay?
for cmsimple or cmsiple XH or cmsimple realblog
or for all this

Hallo Sima,

CMSimple is the basic script, CMSimple_XH is based on CMSimple.

You have the Choice between license type 1 — 4 :

Lincense types 1 — 3 are old license types, license type 4 (GPL3) exists since 2010.

We have decided to use license type 4 (GPL3) for CMSimple_XH and to provide it as Freeware:

You just have to take care for the license conditions of your used templates and plugins, they may be different,

have fun ;-)

mfg Gert Ebersbach
(030) 566 99 886
0171-170 62 65